My technique as a magnetizing healer is simple, I use my magnetic field which is very powerful, as much at the level of my look, of my principal ones as of my breath.

My fluid is then directed where the body or mind precisely, whether directly or remotely to a strong and focused mental convention.

My sessions usually last half an hour (except for certain pathologies or recharging and energy balancing) because it is for me the time necessary to properly charge the person with beneficial fluids.

The effects can be done immediately for more sensitive and receptive people, a few hours later for the majority of people, see a few days later for less receptive people, but despite this, all feel the beneficial effects of my work as a healing magnetizer.
The action of the magnetizing healer is great and just as varied as may be the ills upon suffering.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of problems for which my gift of healing healer can help you by intervening effectively.

For any question about my practice, a concern not indicated, or any other question, contact me by mail to by offering your request.